Roll Out Lawn (Ready-Lawn)

Roll out turf offers you an instant lawn solution - a great option for when you just can't wait for seed to grow.
Roll out turf comes in a variety of grass types, including kikuyu.
Our roll out turf is grown in great quality soil, giving your new lawn the best chance of quickly establishing and thriving on your site.

Hydroseeding (Spray-on Lawn)

With our special hydroseeding technology you can have an amazing lush green lawn in as little as three weeks.
Grass seed, specially selected for your needs, is mixed with high quality mulch and sprayed onto your site. The mulch protects the seeds as they germinate and begin to grow, getting your lawn off to a great start.


The preparation of your new lawn area is very important and Thompson’s Turf offer full site preparation from start to finish. We have access to all types of machinery to get the job done – from rotary hoes to turf lifting machines, scarifiers, dethatchers and helitrax machines. 
If you prefer to do the preparation yourself we can simply turn up and apply your selected lawn - either roll-out lawn or hydroseed. If you are going to prepare the site yourself, phone and have a chat with us first - we'll let you know exactly what you need to do to get it ready and get your new lawn off to the best possible start.